SCR130 Exclusive Right to Buy Buyer Agency Agreement ERTB BAA

As of today (3/20/23) in order to use the updated SCR130, you will write in your compensation either as a dollar amount (fill in the blank) or as a percentage of the purchase price (fill in the blank).

Be very careful to never say that you work for free when you do not work for free. The NAR code of ethics prohibits this. The SC license law prohibits this. Other laws also prohibit this.

You have put in many hours of study and effort as well as money to obtain your real estate license and your REALTOR® membership and your expertise as a buyer’s agent.

Buyer’s agents bring value to the transaction for buyer clients.

Be proud of this and market your value, not as "free" but as the value you bring to the transaction.

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NAR code of ethics:

• Standard of Practice 12-1 REALTORS® must not represent that their brokerage services to a client or customer are free or available at no cost to their clients, unless the REALTOR® will receive no financial compensation from any source for those services. (Amended 1/22)

3 SCR forms update and 2 SCR forms are added:

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