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Hurricane Florence Relief

The SC REALTORS® Foundation is a charitable foundation with a history of supporting disaster victims. With South Carolina directly in the storms path, it is important that we prepare for the worst while we hope for the best. Areas of our state will experience flash-flooding and high winds causing significant property damage to residents. While we don’t fully know what is in store for our great state over the coming days, the SC REALTORS® Foundation is prepared to step in to provide relief to those affected. Please consider making a donation to the SC REALTORS® Foundation to help us make a difference in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

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About REALTORS® Foundation

The South Carolina REALTORS® Foundation is a charitable and educational 501(c)(3) foundation whose focus is:

  • To provide aid to individuals by funding and supporting other charitable, nonprofit organizations that ensure safe and affordable housing (Habitat for Humanity), educate on home ownership, provide disaster relief (REALTOR® Relief Foundation), and provide other charitable services.

  • To promotes real estate education through grants and scholarships, and other charitable real-estate related research and programs.

Donate to the South Carolina REALTORS® Foundation