12-13-2023 – Opinions

6038 – Portrait Homes v. Pennsylvania National Mutual

This very complicated case concerns insurance coverage under commercial general-liability insurance policies, including claims of bad faith, arising out of underlying construction defect lawsuits when Penn National Mutual Casualty Insurance Company asserts its insured, a subcontractor, did not notify it of the lawsuits and declined coverage. We affirm.

12-20-2023 – Opinions

6040 – Melissa Dixon v. Weekley Homes, LLC

This case arises out of Melissa and Willard Dixon’s lawsuit alleging the home they purchased from Lansing and Stephanie Pattee (the Pattees) was defective. Weekley Homes, LLC constructed the home. Weekley appeals the circuit court’s denial of its motion to compel arbitration. It contends the Pattees’ purchase agreement with it (the Agreement) involved interstate commerce, which the Agreement explicitly stated, and provided the Federal Arbitration Act would apply. We reverse.

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