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Tie #9 = Property managements & state law

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In response to your message/email/inquiry/conversation and solely based on the facts as presented to me, I can provide this advice (subject to change with information).

[As a reminder:  any SCR Legal Hotline communications are provided solely for your own records and should not be disseminated to other parties including clients and the other side of the transaction.  NAR ethics require REALTORS® to recommend the parties obtain their own legal counsel since someone is about to potentially sue or be sued.  For parties who need some names for some SC trial lawyers to interview/hire, the SC bar lawyer referral service can be reached at 800-868-2284 ($50 initial consult)(legal aid info).]

Keep your brokerage and brokerage attorney and team (if team involved) and your trial lawyer in the know asap.

Workout/settlement/resolution at the lowest level is often best for all. SCR offers mediation information to help with settlement. https://www.screaltors.org/mediation/

Please call me at 803-772-5206 or respond here/email if you have any questions or need additional information.

To file complaints:

Earnest Money – strive to always use SCR620 Earnest Money Disclosure Form (EMDF) with the parties which explains the legal and LLR procedures for the Brokerage Escrow Agents’ disbursing in a failed deal [e.g., parties or proper judge signs disbursement document (SCR518, mediation agreement, magistrate interpleader lawsuit, other litigation, SCR517, lawyer escrow agreement, lawyer drafted settlement agreement)]. https://www.screaltors.org/wp-content/uploads/Forms/620.pdf