Mediator News:

Attorney/mediator Karl Folkens and REALTOR® Nell Folkens are providing the SCR mediators with free Zoom mediator training. If interested, please contact byron.
Thank you Karl and Nell for providing this excellent training in the past and again in 2023.

[SCR staff (me, Austin, Tiara, Lindsey) can roleplay disputing people if any SCR mediators want to practice your mediator skills on Zoom.  Please set up your own Zoom mediation meeting and contact Byron and Austin and TPitts and Lindsey like we are ethics or money (arbitration) disputing parties to schedule.]

Todd Beckstrom will be doing a 2023 NAR ethics update soon and is looking for mediators interested in being a mediation mentor (experienced mediator) or mediation mentee (newer mediator) for his 2023 mediation mentor program.

Here is Todd’s 2022 NAR professional standards update:

Thanks Todd for all you do for professional standards!

If you are a mediator interested in being a FREE Zoom mediator, please let SCR know.

Several mediators became free Zoom mediators during the early pandemic when the courts shut down. This was one of the few dispute resolution programs operating in SC. Lots of earnest money disputes rely on mediation settlement. Some mediators want to be free Zoom mediators to gain mediation experience rapidly.

Members please text REALTORS to 30644 for important NAR calls to action text alerts (rarely broadcast by NAR unless vital issues at Congress for a vote).

Watch the SCR anti harassment video:

Daniel Moskowitz’s recent ethics citation video:

Older SCR mediation videos:

Austin and Lindsey are setting up a 2023 regional “on call” mediator program to help with ombudsman (ethics complaint mediation resolution aka pre-trial) and now a mandatory mediation attempt prior to arbitration (procuring cause compensation disputes). If you are a mediator interested in mediating in this program, please let SCR know.

The $250,000 SCR arbitration case is currently at the SC Supreme Court.

Why mediation is critical. Please see the statistics on hearings from 2018-2022. (Note that Columbia and Charleston joined the SCR statewide professional standards program circa 2021 so that likely accounts for much of the increase in caseload.

Trends from 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022:

Sent Complaint packages: 88, 110, 99, 162, 165

Returned Complaints: 25, 33, 33, 34, 54

GC Forwarded: 21, 25, 19, 24, 43

Hearings: 6, 8, 10, 14, 20

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