Perhaps, after attending the latest ARELLO government licensing staff association meetings and learning that only 18 states use buyer agency with the other 32 states’ licensees likely being unfamiliar with practicing real estate in buyer agency, the SCREC wanted to ensure that new SC licensees have a basic understanding of buyer agency operations so this existing portion of SC license law below about passing the SC state licensing exam can help with that issue.

Typically, SCREC may give some credit towards SC licensing by virtue of holding an active NC licensee but it’s not pure reciprocity with NC at this time.

So a NC licensee applying for a SC license, it is logical that the SCREC will not require that NC licensee to pass the national part of the exam since the NC licensee likely has passed that national part of the exam.

(6) A nonresident individual who, at the time of application, holds an active real estate license in another state or jurisdiction or whose real estate license in another state or jurisdiction expired not more than six months before he makes his application only is required to pass the state portion of the examination to qualify for licensure.

Nonresident Exemption for National Portion of Exam

S.C. Code Ann § 40-57-320(B)(6)’s exemption from the national part of the exam is only applicable when a nonresident applicant holds either an active license from another jurisdiction or whose license in another jurisdiction has not been expired for more than six months.

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