Risk management could lead you to possibly using one or all of these as your email signature or tailoring them to your risk management needs:

WIRE FRAUD WARNING: Organized criminals may send fake email to trick you into wiring or electronically sending your money to them so they can steal your money. Always be suspicious of any email from any source since crooks can mimic or hack into email accounts from lawyers, lenders, consumers, staff, and real estate licensees. Do not trust any email with money sending instructions without timely/properly verifying those instructions with a trusted source and a voice that you recognize. Do not send confidential information via email. Do not open or click on links in email that you do not trust. Always secure all valuables at all times including showings. Always assume surveillance at listings. Always consider personal safety. REALTORS® will almost never email closing instructions with money wiring instructions. Be suspicious of all emails at all times.

EMAIL CONTRACT WARNING: This real estate licensee does not have actual authority and does not have apparent authority to bind their client or customer in any legal agreement or create an offer or create a counteroffer or acceptance of any offer/counteroffer. This email does not create an agreement, contract, offer, counteroffer, acceptance, amendment, addendum except when this email carries an attachment or image within the email which images a scan of appropriate agreement content (e.g. SCR310) containing the appropriate client’s/customer’s mechanical/ink legal signature or the appropriate client’s/customer’s electronic legal signature to create an enforceable legal real estate agreement. No verbal statements, no text messages, no direct messaging services from this real estate licensee create any binding legal agreement. This real estate licensee shall only use zipForms Digital Ink email services, fax services, U.S mail, courier, delivery, and the above-described email attachments/insertions to communicate legal agreements involving their clients/customers.

RECOMMENDATION TO ALWAYS OBTAIN LEGAL COUNSEL: This real estate licensee is not a licensed attorney. This real estate licensee always recommends that you obtain legal counsel to review all documents prior to you making/entering into any legal agreements and during all real estate transactions. SC real estate licensees may use SCR standard forms and fill in the blanks with names, addresses, dates, numbers, nouns, and verbs. If phrases or sentences are added to a SCR standard form, an attorney should review those phrases and sentences prior to any agreement/communication with the other party. SC Bar Lawyer Referral Service 800-868-2284. SCR Legal 803-772-5206 (info).

RECOMMENDATION TO ALWAYS OBTAIN APPROPRIATE INSPECTIONS IN A TIMELY MANNER AND TO USE SCR311 DUE DILIGENCE: This real estate licensee recommends always timely obtaining all types of inspections in a timely manner during your SCR311 Due Diligence period attached to the SCR310 residential contract.

Posted by: Byron King on 01/18/19 (This information is only accurate as of 01/18/19. You must contact SCR for updates and changes to this information after 01/18/19 as laws and regulations may change over time. SCR 803-772-5206 or email info at screaltors.org)