Lee Davenport

Lee Davenport

By Lee Davenport

Don wrote: “I have no creative gene so it takes me literally hours to create snazzy social media posts. I can’t spend that much time as a ‘solo-preneur,’ but I know the importance of my business being on social media. Dr. Lee, help!”

Dr. Lee’s response: You are over-spending your time on creating social media posts for your business. I get it… it’s either waste too much time designing a flyer-post or just get the info out ugly. Don’t settle anymore. Watch this video to see how Adobe Spark Post can help you stylishly brand your business content in less than five minutes. By the way, the thumbnail image for this video was made in under five minutes following this advice and using the template from the video. Womp, womp! I use it, too. :-)

Disclaimer: “Under the Sells-scope” and “Ask the Coach” reviews are my unbiased, unpaid opinion so that you get the real truth on the matter.

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