Below are some in-person/virtual conversations that SC real estate licensees/members must have and memorialize/document ideally with consumer initials/date/sign/e-sign.

REMINDER: You have unlimited Digital Ink e-sign capabilities as a SCR member via your SCR provided zipForms online account that you can easily set up (if have not yet) and your brokerage/team may provide you with a similar capability.

SCR110 (LLR SCD REBR) and SCR130, SCR135, SCR136 (Buyer side documents) help to document/memorialize these discussions.

(29) "Substantive contact" means contact in which a discussion or dialogue between the consumer and the associated licensee moves from casual introductory talk to a meaningful conversation regarding the selling or buying motives or objectives of the seller or buyer, financial qualifications, and other confidential information that if disclosed could harm the consumer’s bargaining position.

(F)(1) A licensee clearly shall reveal his license status in a personal transaction involving the purchase, sale, exchange, rental, lease, or auction of real estate at first substantive contact with a consumer and in advertising or marketing in any media. A licensee also shall disclose his licensed status in bold underlined capital letters on the first page of a contract for the purchase, sale, exchange, rental, or lease of real property.

• Standard of Practice 1-13
When entering into buyer/tenant agreements, REALTORS® must advise potential clients of:

1) the REALTOR®’s company policies regarding cooperation;

2) the amount of compensation to be paid by the client;

3) the potential for additional or offsetting compensation from other brokers, from the seller or landlord, or from other parties;

4) any potential for the buyer/tenant representative to act as a disclosed dual agent, e.g., listing broker, subagent, landlord’s agent, etc.; and

5) the possibility that sellers or sellers’ representatives may not treat the existence, terms, or conditions of offers as confidential unless confidentiality is required by law, regulation, or by any confidentiality agreement between the parties. (Adopted 1/93, Renumbered 1/98, Amended 1/06)

SECTION 40-57-370. Duty of licensee to provide disclosure of brokerage relationships; exceptions.

(A) A licensee shall provide at the first practical opportunity to all potential buyers and sellers of real estate with whom the licensee has substantive contact:

(1) a meaningful explanation of brokerage relationships in real estate transactions that are offered by that real estate brokerage firm, including an explanation of customer and client services;

(2) Disclosure of Brokerage Relationships form prescribed by the commission.

(B) An "Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Disclosure of Brokerage Relationships" form must be included in an agency agreement and in a sales contract. In addition, each sales contract must require the buyer and the seller to acknowledge whether they received customer or client service in that real estate transaction.

(C) At the time of first substantive contact, it is presumed that the potential buyer or seller is to be a customer of the real estate brokerage firm and that the real estate brokerage firm will be acting as a transaction broker as defined by this chapter and that the real estate brokerage firm shall offer services to a customer as defined by Section 40-57-350(L) only until the potential buyer or seller signs an agency representation agreement.

(D) If first substantive contact occurs over the telephone or other electronic means, including the Internet and electronic mail, an "Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Disclosure of Brokerage Relationships" form may be sent by electronic means, including the Internet and electronic mail.

(E) For all real estate transactions, no agency relationship between a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant and a real estate brokerage firm and its associated licensees exists unless the buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant and the brokerage company and its associated licensees agree, in writing, to the agency relationship. No type of agency relationship may be assumed by a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, or licensee or created orally or by implication. A real estate brokerage firm may not be considered to have an agency relationship with a party or have agency obligations to a party but is responsible only for exercising reasonable care in the discharge of the real estate brokerage firm’s specified duties, as provided in this chapter, and, in the case of a client, as specified in the agency agreement.

(F) The payment or promise of payment of compensation to a real estate brokerage firm by a seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant does not determine whether an agency relationship has been created between a real estate licensee and a seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant.

(G) The brokerage relationship disclosure requirements of this section do not apply if the:

(1) transaction is regarding the rental or lease of property; or

(2) communication from the licensee is a solicitation of business.

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