What We’re Reading: August 6-August 10

//What We’re Reading: August 6-August 10

What We’re Reading: August 6-August 10

A horse and buggy, solar roof tiles, secrets of the supermarket and getting rid of ums and ahs.

Open plan offices are falling out of favor.  Will the same happen to open concept homes?

What leadership lessons can we learn from the Thai cave rescue?

A horse-powered Uber (kind of)!

Martin Abegglen/flickr/2010

Will Tesla’s solar roof tiles production issues ever be fixed?  Investors are rattled.

HGTV is the new owner of the “Brady Bunch” house.  We can hardy wait for the restoration reveal.

Speaking of sitcoms, we mourn the passing of Mrs. Garrett.

Find out why the supermarket cookie aisle is so tempting.

How can the “Dutch Reach” save bikers’ lives?

Learn how to clean up your vocabulary and sound more professional.

Fun ways to store your books.  The TARDIS wins.

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