When interacting with people of diminished mental capacity, consider alerting friends and relatives and SC DSS and law enforcement.

Lack of mental capacity can prevent adults from entering enforceable contracts, leases.

Many of these persons are functioning and non-violent and non-criminal, just you hear them make odd statements or see them doing odd things.

The general public might call them "whacky" or "eccentric" or "crazy" and avoid them.

Sometimes other adults might attempt to take advantage of these individuals financially.

Here is a link to SC DSS for reporting of "vulnerable adults" who may need medical or psychological help. DSS will investigate and act as necessary.


Posted by: Byron King on 07/16/19 (This information is only accurate as of 07/16/19. You must contact SCR for updates and changes to this information after 07/16/19 as laws and regulations may change over time. SCR 803-772-5206 or email info at screaltors.org)