Media report an alleged attack on a real estate agent in Warrenton SC.

Local law enforcement states that your mobile phone is one of your best defenses to call and then use avoidance, escape, and evasion to buy time for law enforcement to react to your 911 call.

Give directions based on landmarks to the 911 operator in case the new development is not in law enforcement navigation systems.

Know which law enforcement jurisdiction you operate in to help speed reaction time by telling the 911 operator.

Look for additional communications devices in areas where cell phone coverage is problematic.

Sunday is the anniversary of 9-11.

Consider cyber crime defenses (e.g., wire fraud, phishing, hacking, identity theft, title theft, credit card fraud). Consider cyber crime insurance with your insurers.

There are some background checking applications that can help alert you to people giving you false identity information.

Consider your personal safety at all times and locations.

Deterring bad actors can include telling them you will only meet them at the brokerage office and you always check their I.D. and vehicle information and record that at your brokerage. Consider bringing a colleague/assistant on presentations and showings to help provide deterrence and assistance.

Have alert networks (perhaps group text setup) that knows your schedule, who you are meeting, where you are meeting, where you are presenting/showing, and your check back in time/procedure to ensure that you are okay and to call 911 if you do not check back in properly.

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