***When using LLR seller disclosure forms, Sellers failing to accurately disclose all the owners association charges to the buyer will expose the sellers to a buyer lawsuit suing the sellers for the buyer’s damages (aka the undisclosed owners association charges/fees/assessments/arrearages/etc.) AND THE BUYER’S ATTORNEY FEES (which could dwarf the charges).***


Here is the language bolded from the current LLR seller disclosure HOA addendum from LLR:

Describe owners association charges $ ______________ (per year month other)

[While this is a small blank, the directive/question is inclusive of all owners association charges and the blank can easily accommodate a four or five or six figure total amount.]

11. Is there a transfer fee levied to transfer the property?
(not including recording costs related to value or deed stamps)

[Note: This question #11 includes both the private transfer fees of the HOA and the grandfathered public transfer fees that exist in some parts of SC.}

Explain any YES answers in this space below and attach any additional sheets or relevant documents as needed.