Secondary Membership

I am a North Carolina or Georgia REALTOR® who does business in South Carolina …

If you are a primary member of the North Carolina REALTORS® or the Georgia Association of REALTORS®, you are not by default a member of the South Carolina REALTORS®.

What if I have a South Carolina Real Estate License? …

Remember, having a real estate license is not the same thing as being a REALTOR® member.

A real estate agent has to pay an annual fee for his or her license every couple of years. This is handled in South Carolina by the Real Estate Commission (LLR) which is a government agency.

We are in no way affiliated with the Real Estate Commission, and we are not a government agency. Therefore, even with though you may hold a South Carolina license, that does not automatically make you a REALTOR® member in South Carolina.

How does REALTOR® membership work? …

REALTOR® membership is comprised of three different levels:

  • Local
  • State
  • National

When you joined your local association, you also became a member of that state’s association and a member of the national association. A portion of the dues you pay goes to each of these associations.

You can opt to join other local or state associations as a secondary member, however you will have to pay dues directly to those boards in order to join them.

Many Georgia and North Carolina REALTORS® who do business in both states join us as secondary members so they can have access to our website, and the South Carolina zipForm® library, along with all our other member benefits.

How can I join the South Carolina REALTORS® as a Secondary Member? …

If you hold your primary membership in a different state, you are eligible to join SCR as a secondary member. This only requires you to pay South Carolina state dues since you already paid your NAR dues through your primary association.

If you are interested in becoming a Secondary Member, fill out and submit the application below. For questions, please contact our Director of Member Services – Lindsey Pittman at

    Application for Secondary REALTOR® Membership

    South Carolina REALTORS®

    To the South Carolina Association of REALTORS®, I hereby apply for Individual REALTOR® Membership in the above named Association. If my application is approved, I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), which includes the duty to arbitrate, and the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the South Carolina Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®. I understand membership brings certain privileges and obligations that require compliance, including the duty to submit to any ethics and arbitration proceedings that may be conducted by the Association in accordance with the NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual. Membership may be revoked should completion of requirements, such as orientation, not be completed within timeframe established in the association’s bylaws. I understand that I will be required to complete periodic Code of Ethics training as specified in the association’s bylaws as a continued condition of membership.

    Upon approval, you will be emailed an invoice to pay membership dues in the amount shown below in the following table:

    *Proration Schedule:



    New Member Assessment


















































    Name *

    SC Real Estate License # *

    Office Name *

    Office Address *

    Phone *

    Email *

    Which LOCAL REALTOR® Association(s) do you currently hold membership in? *

    Which STATE REALTOR® Association(s) do you currently hold membership in? *

    NRDS Number *

    I hereby certify that the foregoing information furnished by me is true and correct, and I agree that failure to provide complete and accurate information as requested, or any misstatement of fact, shall be grounds for revocation of my membership if granted. I further agree that, if accepted for membership in the Board, I shall pay the fees and dues as from time to time established. NOTE: Payments to the South Carolina REALTORS® are not deductible as charitable contributions. Such payments may, however, be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. No refunds.

    By clicking I agree below, I consent that the REALTOR® Associations (local, state, national) and their subsidiaries, if any (e.g., RPAC and REALTOR® Foundation) may contact me at the specified address, telephone numbers (via call or text message), email address or other means of communication available. This consent applies to changes in contact information that may be provided by me to the Association(s) in the future. This consent recognizes that certain state and federal laws may place limits on communications that I am waiving to receive all communications as part of my membership.

    I agree *