Sellers should carry appropriate insurance and should discuss any liability and insurance issues with their law firm and insurance broker.

Brokers and independent contractors should discuss their own insurance and liability issues with their respective law firms and insurance companies.  By agreements (independent contractor agreement, policy manual, brokerage policies, other agreements, etc.), the brokerage might require that associated independent contractor licensees carry appropriate insurance.

Independent contractor licensees often drive clients and customers to showings, so all aspects of that should be discussed with their law firm and insurance company.

Everyone should take safety seriously.

Remedying and warning dangerous situations like tripping hazards, falling hazards, weakened structural components, tree issues, slip issues, unusual design, low ceilings, low doors, open stairs such as porches/basements, gravel issues, weather related issues, ice issues, unusual rise/run of steps, railings, electrical issues, lighting issues, appliance issues, HVAC issues, uneven/holes in landscape, etc.

Take reasonable steps to try and prevent accidents.  By nature of showings, there will eventually be injuries and lawsuits.

It may be prudent to use vehicle video systems and home security video systems to monitor for accident issues.

Unfortunately, there are a few people believed to make a living as plaintiffs in slip and fall lawsuits.   Some people have been accused of staging accidents by lawsuit defendants.

Members of the public not be given unsupervised access to listings.

Always treat accidents as real and ensure that a written report is made of the accident along with a list of all involved including witnesses and proper medical attention is sought.

Consider the clients and customers (adults, kids, elderly, handicapped/disabled, etc.).  Educate clients and customers to walk with care in listings because the area is unfamiliar…also educate them to wear walkable shoes and clothing that are appropriate for the weather and location.  Consider not conducting showings in certain weather or light conditions to minimize risks.