NAR provided SCR a VA point of contact on radon and comparable sales issues with VA deals and VA appraisals and VA appraisers.

The VA Chief of Construction and Valuation is interested in hearing reports about lenders stating VA has a requirement for geographic proximity of comparable sales so he can correct this "rumor" in the marketplace.

From: Heaslet, James, VBAVACO <James.Heaslet>

VA has NO such requirement. Please pass on my information as I would like to track that rumor down and crush it NOW. We allow appraisers to travel as far as they need to establish value. I have thousands of reports where appraisers have traveled hundreds of miles. This is very common in Alaska, Montana etc.

James Heaslet MBA


Cert. Residential Appraiser.

Dept. of Veteran Affairs

Chief of Construction and Valuation

Washington D.C


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