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The REALTORS® Education Foundation of South Carolina, Inc. (REF) is a non-profit organization whose purpose shall be educational and charitable; to promote real estate education and other charitable real estate related issues.

The foundation accepts tax-deductible donations to fund scholarships and grants to promote quality real estate education and charitable programs that will raise the bar of professionalism in the real estate industry.

Remember, REF needs your support. Donations, Partnership Donations, Memorial Scholarships, and $1 per member Association contributions to REF are the resources necessary to accomplish REF’s goals to support the Associations and assist them to provide quality real estate education.

REF offers the following scholarship and grant opportunities:

REF offers scholarships to honor the memorial donations that were given to REF during the previous year. Each scholarship recipient will receive a certificate to submit as full or partial payment toward one (1) in-state REALTOR® association sponsored designation course. Scholarships for in-state REALTOR® association sponsored designation courses will be awarded to students who meet the eligibility requirements, are selected and approved by the REF Board of Directors. Scholarship recipients must use the scholarship during the year presented. Failure to use the scholarship for any reason will result in loss of eligibility for future scholarships for at least two years subject to the approval of the REF Board.
Eligibility Requirements:

      • Be a full time real estate agent;
      • Be a member in good standing of the South Carolina Association of REALTORS® (SCR);
      • Be recommended by their Broker-In-Charge; and
      • Pass the course where part of the tuition was paid with a REF Scholarship.

Priority will be given to first time applicants. All scholarship recipients must pass the course attempted under the scholarship. Any scholarship recipient who fails a designation course paid by a REF course scholarship must repay REF for the full amount of the scholarship received.

Click here to download the REF Memorial Scholarship Application

REF may award scholarships to Association Executives to attend any Association Executives Institute/Conference during a calendar year. Scholarships will range from $500 to $1500.

Recipients will receive a scholarship for expenses and registration (not before January of each year). Selection is based on financial need and initiative to pursue professional growth opportunities. All paid local Association Executives can apply by completing the application. REF Board will verify this information before proceeding further with the application.

Recipients will be chosen by the REF Board of Directors. If a recipient is unable to attend the Institute/Conference for which he/she was awarded a scholarship, the scholarship cannot be carried over to the following year and the money must be refunded to REF. Scholarships must be used for the Institute/Conference in which they were intended.
In the selection process, consideration will be given to the following:

      • Professional Development
      • Leadership Experience
      • Financial Need
      • Participation in State and Regional Meetings

Click here to download the Deanne Venable Association Executive Scholarship Application

REF may offer grants to assist local associations in South Carolina to promote real estate education and to promote charitable real estate related issues.

Click here to download the Grant Request Application

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All applications will be accepted by mail or e-mail as long as they are received by the assigned deadline

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