There is no easy way to find out the past flood/disaster claims. 8/15/19 NAR rep Drew Meyers stated that FEMA privacy prevents release. NAR is working on solving that issue.

There have been suggestions on adding FEMA type claims to the LLR state government seller disclosure.

Here are some suggestions:

Always use the seller disclosure.

Always use due diligence.

Always prior to contract or at least during due diligence period, get the seller to respond in writing: have you ever received any insurance money or relief money for any flood issues or other casualty issues.

1. During your ownership, have you filed a claim with flood insurance?

2. During your ownership, have you received any disaster relief?

3. To your knowledge have you heard/read about any claims filed with flood insurance on this property?

4. To your knowledge have you ever heard/read about any disaster relief requested in connection with this property?

Recommend the buyer hire a flood expert.

View Lisa Jones flood expert’s webinars on SC REALTORS® Youtube Channel.

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