Photographs on the internet/MLS are easy to cut/copy and paste.

But cutting/copying and pasting photos you find on the internet/MLS can get you into trouble.

Photographs are intellectual property (content) generally owned by the creator who can transfer or license ownership to others. Think about copyright law and lawsuits.

If you did not take the photograph yourself or you do not own the photo or you do not have a license for the photo or you do not have authorization to use the photo, there is risk using the photo.

MLS IDX data feeds allow use of MLS IDX data feeds to your MLS IDX website.

There are "you pay" for authorized use of photo websites. Ditto on free to license content websites.

Brokers may have brokerage policy or available stock photo services or legal agreements regarding intellectual property. Review them. ASAP.

Call the hotline if you have questions.

These issues can arise with any intellectual property (e.g., photos, writing, music, videos, items, devices, software, design, descriptions, accounts, images, art, patents, copyrights, architecture, layout).

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