NAR members and Association staff can borrow up to six electronic books, digital audios and/or videos at no cost, through the Virtual Library eBooks Collection. Members can also borrow up to three books for 30 days from the Library Catalog for a nominal fee of $10. Call Information Services at 800.874.6500 for assistance.

Essential rainwater harvesting : a guide to home-scale system design by Rob Avis and Michelle Avis

Essential Rainwater Harvesting covers complete home-scale rainwater harvesting system design including goal setting, system planning, site assessment, calculations, and material selection and sizing for all climates.

Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang

An entertaining and inspiring account of conquering his fear of rejection, offering a completely new perspective on how to turn a no into a yes.

The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley

Stanley takes a close look at the top one percent of households in America and tells us the motor behind the engine; what makes them tick. His findings on how these families reached such financial success are based on in-depth surveys and interviews with more than 1,300 millionaires.

Listing Boss by Hoss Pratt

Listing Boss: The Definitive Blueprint for Real Estate Success is a powerful book for real estate agents at all levels of their career and success. Implementing Hoss Pratt’s 12 essentials will help you break down barriers and yield massive results. These 12 essentials include: create a vision, develop a top-producing mindset, identify your niches, deploy a marketing arsenal, master your listing presentation, and get buyers to take action…plus more.

How to be Heard by Julian Treasure

Have you ever felt like you’re talking, but nobody is listening? Renowned five-time TED Talk speaker and author Julian Treasure reveals how to speak so that people listen-and how to listen so that people feel heard.

Success Acceleration by Tony Jeary

This impactful audio program hosted by Ron Meiss is an interview with Tony Jeary focusing on the critical learning Tony has had over the past two decades that have accelerated his success.

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