SCR is in communications with SCDEW.

South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce SCDEW is upgrading their tech and communicating with the US Department of Labor regarding the incoming federal money PUA and information.

SCDEW’s website:

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Be patient and persistent.

Answer SCDEW online application questions as best you can.

SCDEW may soon have their online application questions more tailored to independent contractors, self employed, and sole proprietors after the US Government approved some relief, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

As you recall, SCDEW has not dealt with independent contractors, self employed, and sole proprietors before.

SCDEW may soon provide a SCR webinar on this issue.

Please let SCR know how you experience SCDEW’s website and process and if you receive PUA so we can help other members seeking PUA.

SCDEW reports receiving tens of thousands of applications online weekly. That volume impacts the website at times per reports. SCDEW reports their website is shuttered from 11 pm to 3 am daily for upgrades. The volume prevents most phone calls from getting through.

Also read you options for US Government relief through the US Small Business Administration (e.g., EIDL) as well as consult you CPA, tax advisor, financial advisor and law firm about all COVID financial relief issues as well other tax issues designed to help small businesses (less than 500 employees) weather the global pandemic. SBA lenders are offering PPP relief. Another PPP window opens April 10. If you filed for EIDL many days ago, SBA reportedly wants you to reapply. PPP is offered through banks and credit unions and online financial organizations. There are reports of some banks limiting applications through them if you do not have a business credit card or loan through them as of February 15, 2020.

Again, please report your experiences to SCR so we can learn alongside you in this changing environment and help other members.

Pandemic "stimulus" money may or may not be replenished by the US Government once all the money is granted or loaned. So apply early if you desire. Some of the money may be forgivable with meticulous record keeping and some of the loans may have favorable terms.

SCR is not a financial planner and your individual situation requires individualized financial and legal and tax counseling by qualified experts.

Be safe while practicing real estate. Communicate with everyone including pandemic order law enforcement. Follow CDC and NAR guidelines. Virtual and cyber real estate practice can cure many pandemic related issues. People need shelter and REALTORS® facilitate obtaining shelter.

Posted by: Byron King on 04/08/20 (This information is only accurate as of 04/08/20. You must contact SCR for updates and changes to this information after 04/08/20 as laws and regulations may change over time. SCR 803-772-5206 or email Byron)