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Lead Generation Vendors and Agreements

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Lead Vendor Problems SCR has received complaints from members about the quality of leads and their lead generation vendors and their lead vendor agreements. Some suggestions from SCR and NAR to help avoid problems with vendors: 1. Do your due diligence on vendors. Research the company. Ask for references. Check out the references. Check with [...]

Inspecting HOA’s

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Sellers typically have the best notice of all HOA issues (e.g. mailers, neighbors talk and complain and organize and social media, meetings, bills, see the issues, live the issues). Always get a seller HOA disclosure and seller disclosure in the contract and transaction. Because of the above, sellers typically have more knowledge of the property's [...]

Wire Fraud Video From NAR

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NAR Wire Fraud Video SCR wire fraud warning form: Educate Consumers, Lawyers, Lenders, Staff Avoid email wiring instructions Avoid clicking links and attachments in emails that are not verified Use good cyber security

Federal Legal Holidays (Typically Ten of Them)

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Please see the federal website link with the dates of the typically occurring ten federal legal holidays: (NYD/MLK/Wash/Memor/Indep/Labor/Colum/Vets/Thx/Xmas) SCR310 residential contract when counting 24 hour periods for business days, do not count any hours on Saturdays, Sundays, or Federal Legal Holidays. Posted by: Byron King on 12/14/18 (This information is only accurate as of [...]

Insurance: Buyers Need to Investigate Pre-Contract or At Least During Due Diligence

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Buyers are solely responsible to investigate all issues about their insurance needs pre-contract or at a minimum during their due diligence period so the buyer does not become obligated to buy a property when their insurance costs are on the high end of their budget or expensive repairs are required (e.g. old roof, +20, old [...]

New Seller disclosure

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SCR will post the new seller disclosure to the SCR forms library ASAP. EFFECTIVE 1/1/19: REVISED South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement (Effective 1/1/19) (Revised 11/18) (pdf) Due to a 2018 legislative amendment to the South Carolina Residential Property Disclosure Act, amendments to the South Carolina Residential [...]

Forms Webinars Ranked by Views

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Ranked by views: SCR Contract (7/27/17) Forms Chair Liz Loadholt (5200+ views) SCR Contract SCR staff (5/2/13) (4000+ views) Seller Disclosure SCR staff (7/25/13) SCR forms update SCR staff (12/20/16) SCR Forms (1/11/18) Forms Chair Liz Loadholt SCR Forms (7/21/16) SCR staff SCR311 Due diligence (12/16/13) SCR staff [...]

SCR310 Inspections: Buyers can Perform Off Site Conditions

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Buyers should never solely rely upon the seller disclosure and advertising materials regarding the property that the buyers are considering buying. Buyers should hire qualified expert inspectors for all issues that matter to the buyers. Often there is great uncertainty about how offsite properties and offsite conditions might change in the future. Buyers must understand [...]