At a recent BICs meeting, the lack of professionalism in the marketplace was a common complaint.

#1. Listing agents not acknowledging receipt of offers for extended periods of time (e.g., 1 week, 3 weeks) was a common complaint.

Professionalism is a two way street so some listing brokerages recommended that buyer agents also increase their professionalism with communications (e.g., buyer agent telephones the listing agent to let the listing agent know the offer is coming and to discuss any potential delays by parties for issues such as deployment, medical/family delays, or even discuss that a party has been slow or difficult to communicate with easily).

Picking up a telephone for a conversation between agents and BICs and team leaders can help prevent upset parties and licensees. Upset people can lead to escalation into lawsuits, ethics complaints, and license law complaints. Solving problems can increase future repeat business and referrals.

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