Leadership Directory

Executive Committee

If you need to contact anyone on the leadership team, please email us at information@screaltors.org or call us at (803) 772-5206.
President Randy Harrison
President-Elect Fritzi Barbour
Treasurer/Admin Group Chair David Kent
Secretary David Phillips
Parliamentarian Drew Streett
Region One VP Herb Koger
Region Two VP Todd McDaniel
Region Three VP Dave Alexander
Region Four VP Deborah Griggs
Region Five VP Laura Derrick
Region Six VP Kevin Cope
Region Seven VP Patricia Wilds
Immediate Past President Sandy Stone
REF President & Professional Development Group Chair Kathie Gadja
Public Policy Adair Senn
Member Services Group Chair Owen Tyler
Legal/Ethical Services Group Chair Jeff Bowers
AE Representative Laura Crowther
RPAC Chair Terry White
Commercial Rep David Lockwood
Chief Executive Officer Nick Kremydas

Past Presidents/Awards Winners